Dr. Jamie Reynolds Orthodontist, National Lecturer and Author Detroit, MI - Mar 29, 2021

During my career I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from some of the most advanced orthodontists in our profession, and I can say unequivocally that Dr. Giangreco is among the best from both a clinical skill and professional integrity perspective. The greater Rochester community is very fortunate to have an orthodontist providing this level of care, customer service, and office experience in their community.

Dr. Sam Guarnieri Clinical Instructor at the Kois Center Founder of Pittsford Dental Excellence Center, General and Airway-Focused Dentistry Pittsford, CA - Mar 29, 2021

Beautiful Smiles Inside and Out is a book that every person should read before choosing a practitioner for orthodontic treatment. Dr Giangreco’s understanding of how critical appropriate growth and development is (from infancy to adulthood) on one’s overall health puts him at the forefront in the field of orthodontics. The concepts are cutting edge, presented in an organized and succinct way that both clinicians and everyone can easily understand. This book is a must-read.

Dr. Jeff Silmon Orthodontist Shreveport, LA - Mar 29, 2021

Dr. Giangreco is a leader in many areas of the orthodontic industry. I am fortunate to have known him over the last ten years as a member of the Ormco Insiders group. The Insiders is an invitation-only group of orthodontists from around the world dedicated to developing the most advanced products and technology in orthodontics. Never satisfied with the status quo, Dr. Giangreco has a contagious drive to improve the quality of treatment his patients receive.
Airway has become a hot topic in orthodontics and other fields of medicine. The understanding of how a properly or improperly functioning airway effects arch shape, jaw growth, behavior, and even overall health is of utmost importance. Being able to properly identify, diagnose, and treat airway issues is something orthodontists are uniquely positioned to do for our patients—if properly educated on this complex topic. This book will be an amazing guide for those that are interested in incorporating airway into their practice. Dr. Giangreco’s experience and expertise will ease the process for those new to the topic.

Dr. John Guerrieri Walworth, NY - Mar 29, 2021

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Giangreco for thirty years, and I am honored to call him my friend and colleague. His commitment to excellence has never ceased. Over the years he has done a lot to bolster my career and improve my patient outcomes. Dr. Giangreco is a great presenter and clinician. Those who have worked with him know how insightful his guidance can be. Enjoy the book, and keep Beautiful Smiles Inside and Out handy for future reference.

Dr. Scott Ohmart Orthodontist Denver, CO - Mar 29, 2021

We all have the capability to make people laugh and smile, but it takes a special ability to actually create
a smile.
I have known Dr. Giangreco (Dr. G) professionally and personally for over twenty-five years, and we have attended leading-edge conferences around the world together. During this time, I have learned that Dr. G is an innovator, a scholar, and an inspiration for what we all can do in orthodontics. He is my go-to for information on cutting-edge technology and business in the field of orthodontics. After reading Beautiful Smiles Inside and Out, you will never think of your smile in the same way!

Dr. Anthony Ricci Pittsford, NY - Mar 29, 2021

Most of my professional career, Dr. Giangreco has not only been a wonderful colleague but also the orthodontic specialist I refer my patients to. We have collaborated on many difficult cases and I have always appreciated his knowledge, skill, and compassion. Dr. Giangreco’s book is a wonderful read and a wealth of knowledge in a languageeveryone can understand. Adult patients considering orthodontic treatment will realize the hidden benefits that will affect the quality of their lives. Concerned parents considering treatment for their children will understand that the treatment is much more than just straight teeth and a
beautiful smile.

Dr. Keith Sellers Orthodontist Carlotte, NC - Mar 29, 2021

In his book, Beautiful Smiles Inside and Out, Dr. Giangreco has created a fabulous overview of the progressive, forward-thinking orthodontic office. Every orthodontist can benefit
from his insights.

Dr. Robert Sheffield Orthodontist Antioch, CA - Mar 29, 2021

In my opinion, the greatest compliment I can give another orthodontist is to let them know they could treat my children. Dr. Giangreco fits that bill!
I have known Dr. Giangreco for over ten years via our involvement in a unique study club that provides research and development advice and product testing for one of the world’s leading orthodontic companies. During our twice-yearly meetings we have long days discussing products, treatment ideas, and new technology. Dr. Giangreco is quick to share insightful ideas on adopting technology to enhance patient care. His willingness to share enhances the quality of care I can deliver to my own patients. The delivery of amazing orthodontic results requires more than straight teeth, and Dr. Giangreco focuses on teeth, jaw growth, airway/breathing, and overall health to the great benefit of his patients. Furthermore, Dr. Giangreco’s engaging personality captures your attention and allows him to lead a team of amazing people who ‘deliver amazing’ every day. I am proud to call him a colleague and friend.

Dr. Susan Spoto Rochester, NY - Mar 29, 2021

I have worked with Dr. Giangreco for many years and have always been extremely impressed by his superior advanced orthodontic skills and the amazing results he achieves. His comprehensive approach to optimize the occlusion of patients includes so much more than ‘just making them straight.’ The true benefit of Dr. Giangreco’s expertise is seen in the outcome he achieves for each of his patients. This book will enlighten and educate both the health professional and layperson as to why orthodontics plays such an important role in lifelong health and wellness. Dr. G epitomizes professionalism in his field, always wanting the best for the patient and willing to go the extra mile to achieve it.

Dr. Mark Paciorek Orthodontist Syracuse, NY - Mar 29, 2021

I have known Dr. Giangreco for over thirty years now. Our friendship began in dental school, and I can honestly say that he is amongst the highest-caliber orthodontists in the world. I have seen the smiles Dr. Giangreco creates and admire the way he combines the newest technology with a personal flare to make a difference to every patient under his care. Dr. Giangreco has always pushed the envelope in honing his skills and knowledge in orthodontics. This book is just one example of him giving back by sharing his continued quest for orthodontic excellence. I am thrilled to offer this resource to my patients in Syracuse,
New York.
Thank you, Dr. Giangreco. You are a role model to all of us as an author, orthodontist, husband, father, and friend.

Dr. Mark B. Tornatore Victor Dental Care Victor, NY - Mar 29, 2021

I first met Dr. Giangreco upon his return to Rochester after completing his dental and orthodontic education. I knew right from the start that he was destined to do great things in our community. Sometimes you just know! Dr. Cortese had long been a preferred referral for my patients that needed or wanted orthodontic care. Dr. Giangreco’s integration into that practice ‘doubled down’ on the strength of that group.
Over the years I have been more and more pleased with the care my patients have received at Get It Straight! Dr. Giangreco is a lifelong learner and strives to be on or above the cutting edge of his chosen field. He has brought significant innovation to the field of orthodontics by integrating airway medicine into his paradigm. In fact, his influence in airways has improved the field of sleep medicine and brought solutions to troubled patients
and parents.
I have often told my patients that orthodontics will not only improve their appearance (also known as ‘form’) but will enhance their ability to ‘function’ and thereby correct problems that include excessive tooth wear, phonetics, apnea, and mastication (chewing).
His latest endeavor, Beautiful Smiles Inside and Out, is another stunning example of his desire to improve his practice, assist his patients and their parents, and share his passion for improving their lives. It is a great read, not too technical, that will convey his knowledge base and explain the complimentary nature of orthodontics and ‘form and function.’ Congratulations, Terry! You truly are second to none!

John Coniglio, MD, FACS The Head & Neck Center, ENT Rochester, NY - Mar 29, 2021

As a practicing ENT surgeon for thirty years, I have used Dr. Giangreco’s innovative upper airway 3D CT measurements to help me gain a better appreciation of a child’s airway obstruction. This technology has provided objective clarity in helping parents decide when to proceed to adenotonsillectomy (removal of tonsils and adenoids) for their child. Dr. Giangreco’s ability to blend his experiences with clinical knowledge is beautifully displayed throughout this new book, Beautiful Smiles, Inside
and Out.

Dr. Jeff Lowenguth Victor, NY - Mar 29, 2021

Once in a while in life you have the opportunity to interact with an individual that lives in their dreams and passions and seamlessly translates them to their profession. Dr. Terry Giangreco is one such person. You will find this read to be inspiring, refreshing, and pleasantly simple in its conceptual application.
True experts can make complicated matters simple, and you will find Dr. Giangreco has done so here. For the dental practitioner, as you read you will find the pages reigniting your passion that guided you into becoming a dental health care professional. The information is applicable to all dental specialties and staff.
The information is equally applicable and informative to parents and patients in guiding you in your treatment decisions. You will discover how much more there is involved in orthodontics than merely straight teeth! This text is like a fine Italian pasta sauce. You don’t know why it is fantastic, but you find yourself craving more! Enjoy, and thank you, Dr. Giangreco, for giving back to the profession.

Dr. Daniel Klauer TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Northern Indiana, Granger, IN - Mar 29, 2021

Beautiful Smiles Inside and Out will give you a sneak peek inside the mind of Dr. Terry Giangreco and all that he has to offer for his patients. Orthodontics as a field is always progressing and requires an active pursuit of knowledge to stay abreast of all the new advancements. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Giangreco years ago and was immediately impressed with his willingness to push the envelope and improve treatment outcomes for his patients. This book eloquently describes the uniqueness of his practice and how it’s different from your standard orthodontic practice. As a provider treating TMD and sleep full time, I can tell you he has the tools, talents, and knowledge to help with far more than straightening teeth. Dr. Giangreco understands that if you establish proper breathing and function the form will follow. Ideal aesthetic outcomes will be the product of a holistic diagnosis, treatment plan, and execution. My only criticism of Dr. Giangreco is that his practice isn’t close enough to mine giving us more opportunities to collaborate!

Dr. Jolly Caplash Division Head, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Rochester General Hospital Rochester, NY - Mar 29, 2021

It has been an extreme honor and pleasure working with Dr. Terry Giangreco as a colleague and a team member, in many cases working on skeletal discrepancies, malocclusion, and evaluation of airways and their physiological impact on the quality of life for patients. His expertise and skills have helped patients to build their confidence in everyday life by improving their ability to function properly. Dr. Giangreco looks at the patient as a whole and how orthodontics can help improve their self-confidence and self-esteem. I am very fortunate to have Dr. Giangreco as a colleague, and the community is fortunate to have such an empathetic and skillful clinician.

Dr. Mark Conners Pittsford Family Dental Pittsford, NY - Mar 29, 2021

I have been a dentist in Pittsford, New York, for over thirty years. It has been an honor and privilege to work with Dr. Giangreco and the Get It Straight team since they arrived on the scene twenty-five years ago. The ‘Get It Straight’ approach to orthodontics has made an extremely positive change in the lives of my valued patients, family, and friends in more ways than one
would believe.
My patients have gone from routinely having permanent teeth extracted and their arches retracted to broader, fuller, more aesthetic smiles without any extractions. The result is a beautiful full smile and full lips, which is aesthetically pleasing but also leads to improved airways, better breathing, better speech, and improved
overall health.
Dr. Giangreco has taught me and my team the importance of early detection of airway obstruction and addressing whatever issues arise. I have witnessed positive changes through early intervention in treatment of my patients including my own children. I can attest to how life changing his approach and recommendations can be.
Dr. Giangreco and I team up on a regular basis to treat adult patients who are suffering from worn, broken, and misaligned teeth and jaws. The results of our comprehensive approach are incredible. The response from our patients is always rewarding and humbling as we bring their treatment to completion.
From his approach to young children to older adults, Dr. Giangreco not only develops beautiful smiles, he does it in a way that improves the overall long-term health, growth, and development of the individual. To work with someone with such knowledge of artistry and science is invaluable. I and my patients are extremely fortunate to work with Dr. Giangreco and the Get It Straight team!”

Dr. Cy Alizadeh Orthodontist St. Louis, MO - Mar 29, 2021

For today’s consumer it is so important to understand that orthodontics is not just about getting braces and ending up with straight teeth. In his book Beautiful Smiles Inside and Out Dr. Giangreco does a masterful job explaining what separates excellent orthodontists like himself from the rest of the pack. I have known Terry for many years as a colleague and a friend and I know how much he cares about the people he treats and how dedicated he is to constantly raising the bar for himself and for all of us in our great profession. If you are considering orthodontic treatment for you or someone in your family, you owe it to yourself to read this book. You will gain the knowledge to help you understand how orthodontics can impact the life of a patient beyond just their smile. Orthodontists and orthodontic treatment techniques are not all the same! Dr. Giangreco has written a definitive guide on what to look for when searching for the best care for you or a loved one.

Dr. Jeff Summers Orthodontist and National Lecturer Greenville, SC - Mar 29, 2021

Elite. The first word that comes to mind when I think of Dr. Terry Giangreco. He is uncompromising and nothing short of brilliant, yet simultaneously humble. When you have the opportunity to meet him, you’ll be drawn by his infectious smile, and his confidence will be noted but understated. He makes you feel important, as if he’s the fortunate one to be in your presence. He is a perfectionist—devoted to his faith, family, and patients. I am honored to write this introduction but also to call him a friend and colleague. As an industry key opinion leader and lecturer, I have presented with, and learned from, the world’s greatest orthodontists. Trust me when I say Dr. Giangreco is one of the best of the best. I have been blessed to have worked alongside Terry for many years as a fellow Ormco Insider. As such, we are among seventy orthodontists in the world tasked with innovation and design for a leading orthodontic company to help shape the future of orthodontics. His contribution to the group and the orthodontic profession is unparalleled. I am thrilled that he has chosen to document how holistic orthodontists today look at smiles and overall health in the pages ahead. You will be given an inside peek at his passion and precision when treating his own patients. He is masterful in adding art to this science when designing and executing personal treatment to each of his patients in his practice, Get It Straight. While his reputation and results speak for themselves, I am glad you have taken the next step in understanding the difference between straight teeth and a truly beautiful smile, inside and out, by reading this book. In it you will learn all that should be taken into account when treating each and every patient. You may not yet realize the many aspects that contribute to a beautiful and healthy smile, but you soon will. I wish you and your family the best of luck in your orthodontic journey, and rest assured you will now have the knowledge to choose best for your family. There is no question in my mind that I would choose the team of doctors at Get It Straight for the orthodontic needs of my own family.


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